How to get Drupal modules/plugins list using drush

To show all installed and enabled modules

drush pm-list --type=Module --status=enabled

To show all installed and enabled modules without system modules

drush pm-list --type=Module --no-core --status=enabled

To show disabled modules

drush pm-list --type=Module --no-core --status=disabled
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How to get list of users using Drush cli

Please try to use one of the following

drush users:list
drush user-list
drush uinf $(drush sqlq "SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(name) FROM users_field_data")
drush uinf $(drush sqlq "SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(uid) FROM users")
drush uinf $(drush sqlq "SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(name) FROM users")

Don’t forget about mysql prefix if any

cat sites/default/settings.php
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Drupal 7 Content Encoding Error

Append into settings.php

$conf = array(
'cache' => '0',
'preprocess_css' => '0',
'preprocess_js' => '0',
'block_cache' => '0',
'page_compression' => '0',

Then start investigation which one is cause of the error


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How to install multiple Drush versions on the account

It requires a lot of resources, so double check if you have enough

The latest dev version to drush/ folder:

mkdir drush
cd drush
curl -sS | php
./composer.phar require drush/drush:dev-master
echo "alias drush='~/drush/vendor/bin/drush'" >> .bashrc
source .bashrc

Drush 9 version

mkdir drush9
cd drush9
curl -sS
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Drupal 8 index.php file

The PHP page that serves all page requests on a Drupal installation.
All Drupal code is released under the GNU General Public License.
See COPYRIGHT.txt and LICENSE.txt files in the "core" directory.
use Drupal\Core\DrupalKernel;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;
$autoloader = require_once 'autoload.php';
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Drupal HTTPRL error

Error: Your system or network configuration does not allow Drupal to access web pages. This could be due to your webserver configuration or PHP settings.




IP Address to send all self server requests to -1 to use hostname instead of IP address… Read the rest