How to fix “no title” issue for just uploaded images under WordPress dashboard

The symptoms are looking as the following:

Not sure how this happened probably because of some media plugin but this occurs under your WordPress –> Media when you’re trying to upload any new picture

Anyway I have fixed it by  altering wp_posts table to make ID as index table and enabled AUTO_INCREMENT as showed below

Detailed steps:

- login your phpMyAdmin
- click your database 
- click wp_posts table (watch your prefix)
- click "Structure" tab
- click "More" to set Index/Primary
- click "Change" to enable A_I (AUTO_INCREMENT)
- click "Save"

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ClientExec how to reset password via mysql command line

PhpMyAdmin solution:

--  Login to your phpmyadmin.
--  To the left select the ClientExec Database created.
--  Click the "user_customuserfields" table.
--  Search for the userid 100
--  There will be a row with a value that starts with sha256: - Edit this row and delete the entire entry, example:
sha256:1000:gvoyL9UXv+lUXbdp+0+2cmJ3GpIZD7w:kWuARQ6K4HWNaopY9eQry4Wqga5MSRD5 ( DELETE THIS )
--  From the tables populated on the left, select the "users" table.
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