How to disable Mailman archiving

Sudenly you may find that your mailing list archive has grown too large.

So you need to decide if you’re really need to keep your archives and if not then go ahead and disable it:

- Login your cPanel 
- 'Maillist'
- select your mail list
- 'Archiving Options'
- set 'Archive messages?'
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How to set up SMTP for Office 365 using WordPress plugin Easy WP SMTP

- Install WordPress Easy WP SMTP Plugin
- WordPress --> Settings --> Easy WP SMTP --> SMTP Setting and append the following settings:
- From Email Address : (your email address here)
- SMTP Host :
- SMTP Port : 587
- Type of Encryption: TLS/STARTTLS
- SMTP Authentication: YES
- SMTP Username : (your email address here)
- SMTP Password : (your email address password here)
- Click Save.
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