How to download a file using wget without stuck

When you run this wget command, it should start downloading the file, and if the download is interrupted for any reason, it will automatically resume from where it left off when you run the command again. This should help ensure a smooth and complete download.


wget -c --tries=0 --read-timeout=5 -O win11_eng_x64.iso ''

There are some options that should help prevent the download from getting stuck and enable you to continue/resume the download if it’s interrupted. Here’s a breakdown of the options:

  • -c: This option stands for “continue.” It allows wget to continue an incomplete download and resume where it left off if the download was interrupted.
  • --tries=0: Setting --tries to 0 means that wget will keep trying indefinitely if the download fails. This is a good option to ensure the download continues to retry in case of issues.
  • --read-timeout=5: This option sets a read timeout of 5 seconds. If there’s no data received within this time, wget¬†will consider the connection as timed out and attempt to retry.

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