How to fix error starting mailman on cPanel server

The mailman error I got looks as below:

[email protected] [/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty]# /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/restartsrv –wait –force mailman
Waiting for “mailman” to start ……info [restartsrv_mailman] systemd failed to start the service “mailman” (The “/usr/bin/systemctl restart mailman.service –no-ask-password” command (process 444759) reported error number 1 when it ended.):

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How to generate Self-Signed SSL on cPanel server using command line

Run and put your domain:

read -p "Domain: " domain; username=`/scripts/whoowns $domain`; email=`grep @ /var/cpanel/users/$username |tail -n1 |cut -d '=' -f2|sed -e 's/@/\%40/'`; whmapi1 generatessl domains=$domain countryName=US stateOrProvinceName=Texas localityName=Houston organizationName="The Justice League of GG" emailAddress=$email pass=`openssl rand -base64 15` keysize=2048 skip_certificate=0

Now use WHM to install it

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How to update reseller’s subaccounts disk quota and bandwidth on cPanel server

Useful if you have plan limited by:

– limitation by amount of cPanel accounts
– bandwidth limitation
– disk space limitation
– overselling disabled

Update reseller’s packages with new limits via command line

sed -i -e "s/QUOTA=.*/QUOTA=2000/g" /var/cpanel/packages/resellerusername_*
sed -i -e "s/BWLIMIT=.*/BWLIMIT=20000/g"
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How to fix Roundcube Server Error: STATUS: Mailbox doesn’t exist error

This may occur because of UTF8 formatting was not enabled

– Navigate to cPanel –> Email –> Email Accounts.
– Select Manage next to the “Default” account.
– Enable the toggle under “UTF-8 Mailbox Names”.

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How to remove Mailman list from command line

Find rmlist binary file under  /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/mailman/bin folder

For more info run:

[email protected] [/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/mailman/bin]# ./rmlist --help

rmlist [-a] [-h] listname

Remove the list’s archives too, or if the list has already been
deleted, remove any residual archives.

Print this help message and exit.

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