How to burn/write Xubuntu ISO image to USB drive

To write an ISO image to a USB drive on Linux, you can use the ‘dd’ command.

Download the latest preferred Xubuntu version from official store

Below the steps to follow:

– Insert the USB drive into your computer’s USB port.

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How to disable swap partition

To see your swap usage run the following:

free -m

To disable swap without reboot and just temporary run the following:

sudo swapoff -a

This will wipe out used swap space and disable it

To get this enabled again run next:

sudo swapon -a

To disable swap permanently you need to edit /etc/fstab as root and comment out a line related to swap

For example:

cat /etc/fstab |grep swap

# swap was on /dev/nvme0n1p6 during installation
#UUID=d10c1d70-bb88-43fc-bbe2-e17592b660ba none swap sw 0 0

Then reboot your machine to apply the change or try to run next:

mount -a

To reboot run:


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How to mount your Android device over WiFi

Install on your android device Samba Server (I believe this best one)

There is not additional configuration on Windows 7,8. Simply run Windows+R and type here \\XX.XX.XX.XX

Where XX.XX.XX.XX is your device's local IP address


Ensure XX.XX.XX.XX is pinging, if not try to either restart WiFi or reboot your phone

Try to mount your device

sudo mkdir /mnt/android/

sudo mount -t cifs //XX.XX.XX.XX/storage
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