How to fix FileZilla Certificate Expired error

If you are experiencing a “Certificate Expired” error in FileZilla when attempting to connect to an FTP server on your cPanel server.

openssl s_client -connect -starttls ftp

Verification error: certificate has expired

Restarting the FTP server can sometimes resolve the issue.… Read the rest

SitePad publishing issue after migration. Wrong FTP details error

To get it fixed your need to force SitePad re-create FTP credentials firstly

root@server1 [/home/someuser/.sitepad]# cat user.php
a:7:{s:25:"disable_all_notify_update";i:0;s:8:"timezone";i:0;s:6:"apikey";s:32:"zd1k52apam18404pdjg47uo2e8fiug1tzovjr8j";s:7:"apipass";s:32:"4xafz21nlx2nryars3cb7xgjr5x0sx1";s:8:"ftp_user";s:26:"[email protected]";s:8:"ftp_pass";s:12:"zReGgnq)W1n]-3-1";s:8:"ftp_port";i:21;}
root@server1 [/home/someuser/.sitepad]# mv user.php user.php_old

Now login customer’s cPanel –> SitePad.
You will see brand new interface seems as you never had SitePad’s website.… Read the rest