How to deal with “ea-php72” is not an EA4 SCL PHP error

Go to your WHM –> Home –> Software –> MultiPHP Manager

You should be able to resolve this by changing the domains to use an available version of PHP, or by installing the missing PHP versions.

You need to either install missed PHP version or set it to inherit

Command line solution:

Find main domain of account in issue and run:

whmapi1 php_set_vhost_versions version=inherit
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How to create a post using wp-cli

Install wp-cli and run something like the following:

wp post create --post_type=page --post_status=publish --post_title='Home' 
wp post create --post_type=page --post_status=publish --post_title='About'
wp post create --post_type=page --post_status=publish --post_title='News'
wp post create --post_type=page --post_status=publish --post_title='Contact'
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How to get list of users using Drush cli

Please try to use one of the following

drush users:list
drush user-list
drush uinf $(drush sqlq "SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(name) FROM users_field_data")
drush uinf $(drush sqlq "SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(uid) FROM users")
drush uinf $(drush sqlq "SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(name) FROM users")

Don’t forget about mysql prefix if any

cat sites/default/settings.php
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How to remove WordPress spam users using WP-CLI

If you have a huge amount of spam users in your database you need to check this post as the way below will take ‘forever’ 🙂

Supposed you’ve decided to leave just ‘administrator’

Using command below you found a pattern

wp user list

So, now run to remove them:

wp user delete $(wp user list --role=author --field=ID)
wp user delete $(wp user list --role=customer --field=ID)
wp user delete $(wp user list --role=subscriber --field=ID)

You should be asked and if you are sure just type ‘y

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How to upgrade ZenCart from 1.3.x to ZenCart 1.5.x

First of all backup your current website’s version (files/folders/database)

Supposed you have ZenCart on pointed to /home/USERNAME/public_html

So, we will upgrade your ZenCart to /home/USERNAME/public_html/shop to prevent any issue with your current installation.

Create sub domain and point it to /home/USERNAME/public_html/shop

Create if needed shop folder under /home/USERNAME/public_html/

mkdir -p shop
cd shop/

Download the latest version

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Useful nmap command

Traceroute to IP address

nmap -sn --traceroute remoteipaddress

Traceroute to port

nmap -Pn --traceroute -p 443 remoteipaddress


443/tcp open https

Open means its ok

443/tcp filtered https

Filtered means that a firewall or some filtering or other network issue is covering the port and preventing nmap from determining if the port is open.… Read the rest