SitePad publishing issue after migration. Wrong FTP details error

To get it fixed your need to force SitePad re-create FTP credentials firstly

[email protected] [/home/someuser/.sitepad]# cat user.php
a:7:{s:25:"disable_all_notify_update";i:0;s:8:"timezone";i:0;s:6:"apikey";s:32:"zd1k52apam18404pdjg47uo2e8fiug1tzovjr8j";s:7:"apipass";s:32:"4xafz21nlx2nryars3cb7xgjr5x0sx1";s:8:"ftp_user";s:26:"[email protected]";s:8:"ftp_pass";s:12:"zReGgnq)W1n]-3-1";s:8:"ftp_port";i:21;}
[email protected] [/home/someuser/.sitepad]# mv user.php user.php_old

Now login customer’s cPanel –> SitePad.
You will see brand new interface seems as you never had SitePad’s website.
At this step SitePad has created a new user.php file with a new APIKEY/APIPASS and working FTP credentials

[email protected] [/home/someuser/.sitepad]# ls -la
total 16
drwx--x--x 2 someuser someuser 4096 Oct 5 15:06 ./
drwxr-xr-x 22 someuser someuser 4096 Oct 4 15:54 ../
-rw------- 1 someuser someuser 273 Oct 5 15:06 user.php
-rw------- 1 someuser someuser 273 Sep 28 04:02 user.php_old

Now you need to update user.php file with ONLY APIKEY/APIPASS from the old file and don’t touch FTP details:

[email protected] [/home/someuser/.sitepad]# vi user.php
[email protected] [/home/someuser/.sitepad]# cat user.php
a:7:{s:25:"disable_all_notify_update";i:0;s:8:"timezone";i:0;s:6:"apikey";s:32:"zd1k52apam18404pdjg47uo2e8fiug1tzovjr8j";s:7:"apipass";s:32:"4xafz21nlx2nryars3cb7xgjr5x0sx1";s:8:"ftp_user";s:26:"[email protected]";s:8:"ftp_pass";s:12:"e1e23$p.W1[z";s:8:"ftp_port";i:21;}

Re-login cPanel –> SitePad.
Now SitePad should reflect your website and you can publish your updates

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