How to convert png/jpeg to webp and fix delegate error if any

Here is possible error:

admin@server1 [~/public_html/]# convert image.png -quality 50 image2.webp
convert: delegate failed `’cwebp’ -quiet %Q ‘%i’ -o ‘%o” @ error/delegate.c/InvokeDelegate/1928.

Supposed ImageMagick already installed then install cwebp

yum install libwebp libwebp-tools -y

Then try to convert your image again

convert image.png
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How to reduce a size of image files

ImageMagick is required

sudo apt-get install imagemagick -y

Reduce image size by 25%

convert image.jpg -resize 25% output.jpg

It will decrese image file size from ~6.1M to ~300K. So pretty fine for website loading

For mass converting run this from the inside folder which contains *.jpg… Read the rest