Why does my message go into Spam on Gmail side?

Google provides very limited support in IP address reputation increasing and marking messages as not spam in most cases handled automatically

Here is how can you reduce the Spam Score for incoming messages:

- delete your emails without even opening them.
- add your email to spam.
- permanently keep them in spam.

Here is how can you increase your email Spam Score:

- ensure you send to ONLY people who REALLY want to receive messages from you
- mark emails from the spam folder as non-spam. 
- mark your email as important | mark it with star.
- move your email to inbox from other folders (spam, promotions, etc.). 
- open and reply to your emails.

Your messages can also be marked as spam because of text inside your latter.

For example, if your message’s body has:

- html inside
- use colors for text
- all words CAPS in your subject or message's body
- price promises $1.000.000
- use too many exclamation points!!!!!
- include spam trigger words and phishing phrases (WIN, Free!, PRIZE, porn, etc.).

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