How to set up SMTP for Office 365 using WordPress plugin Easy WP SMTP

- Install WordPress Easy WP SMTP Plugin
- WordPress --> Settings --> Easy WP SMTP --> SMTP Setting and append the following settings:
- From Email Address : (your email address here)
- SMTP Host :
- SMTP Port : 587
- Type of Encryption: TLS/STARTTLS
- SMTP Authentication: YES
- SMTP Username : (your email address here)
- SMTP Password : (your email address password here)
- Click Save.
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SMTP : Message size exceeds server limit

Check the message_size_limit value

exim -bP | grep message_size_limit

message_size_limit = 50M

Increase if needed in

Since recently:

Rebuild and restart exim:

service exim restart

If you’re still getting the problem please view the following explanation:

SMTP Error: Message size exceeds server limit


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